Cyber-Physical Security

Cyber-physical systems cover a variety of mobile and embedded devices that combine IT and physical mechanisms, such as RFIDs, Sensors, and Smartphones. These systems have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Moreover, embedded computer platforms like Smartphones (and even sensor nodes) ... read more


Mobile Security

Modern mobile platforms in particular smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Google Android phones, RIM Blackberry, or Nokia (based on Maemo/MeeGo) phones have become an integral part of our daily private and business life. In particular, the “App Store” concept, a software marketplace maintained by ... read more


Cloud Computing

Many enterprises and other organizations need to store and compute on a large amount of data. Cloud computing aims at renting such resources on demand. Today’s cloud providers offer both, highly available storage and massively parallel computing resources with High Performance Computing (HPC) at ... read more


Applied Cryptography

As today's world gets more and more connected, several parties with potentially conflicting interests need to interact with each other in a provably secure and privacy-preserving way. This can be achieved by means of cryptographic protocols.

We are doing research on:


Trust in Mobile and Embedded Systems

In daily life people access various services over the Internet such as online shopping, online banking, e-government, healthcare information systems, as well as social networks. While there is a strong emphasis on securing the communication between participating systems, both in commercial ... read more



Modern cryptography offers fundamental building blocks and useful tools to protect information and data. However, it is not sufficient when it comes to platform and endpoint security. As soon as a platform is compromised, e.g., by malicious code, all cryptographic secrets are accessible to the adversary. This is where System Security comes in, that focuses on the security of computer and network systems as a whole, offers security by design or finds vulnerabilities and mitigations thereof.

We develop security architectures and trustworthy infrastructures, and cover cyber physical security in hardware and software, in particular for embedded systems, RFID and Sensor Systems as well as Smartphones. Moreover, we conduct research in cloud computing and applied cryptography.

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